17 Moms Who Pretended To Not Want A Dog But Caved Real Fast

    Dogs are mom's best friend.

    1. This mom who's got her dog's appetite in mind:

    2. This mom who is being kept warm by her best pup at all times:

    my mom: no dogs allowed, too much responsibility, they shed too much, you’ll regret it also my mom:

    3. This mom who found a dance partner:

    My mom 1 year ago: i don’t want any dogs in the house My mom now:

    4. This mom who got on her pup's level:

    My mom before we got Mac: “I don’t really want a dog in the house and I don’t agree with it. Absolutely not” My mom now:

    5. This mom who is real close to getting the dog their own seat at the table:

    6. This mom who introduced her dog child to "Baby Shark":

    Mexican moms swear they don’t want dogs & next thing you know they’re doing stuff like this with them

    7. This mom who got her dog a luxurious bed and teddy bear:

    8. This mom who took her baby to the park:

    No one: Absolutely no one: My mom who refused to have a dog in the house:

    9. This mom who got a salt shaker worth having:

    Mom: YA NO QUIERO PERROS! *2 weeks later* gets salt shaker of my dog lmfao

    "I don't want anymore dogs."

    10. This mom who had a whole photo shoot with her favorite kids:

    Mom 2 years ago: I don’t want dogs Mom last year: No dogs on the couch or beds Mom now:

    11. This mom who blessed her dog:

    My mom: I don’t want a dog in our house! Also my mom: *gives the bendiciones to our dog*

    12. This mom who couldn't resist a selfie:

    mom for years: no I don’t want a dog, they’re too much to handle gets dog:

    13. This mom who made her sleeping dog look richer than any of us ever will be:

    My mom : No quiero mas pinches perros en la casa ya tienes con uno *gets new pup* My mom the next day:

    "I don't want any more dogs in this house, one is enough."

    14. This mom who just wanted to share how cute her pup looked:

    15. This mom who had a needy office mate:

    @_guavaja @mel_da_lion “we don’t need a dog, they’re too dirty and it’s a big responsibility. I really don’t want a dog running around the house” -my mom before our dog became her best friend

    16. This mom who even got her dog a lil' hat:

    My mom said “I don’t want a dog in this house” but then look at the pictures she sent me in the last 24 hours

    17. And finally, this mom who sang to her sleepy baby:

    I find it funny how my mom said “yo no quiero perros en esta casa!!” but now... she’s singing LULLABIES to make him go to sleep!! 😂😭

    "I don't want any dogs in this house."