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    17 Dads Who Fell In Love With The Dogs They Never Wanted

    A dog will change even the toughest of dads.

    1. This dad who finally got the granddaughter he wanted:

    2. This dad who makes quite a fine dog assistant:

    Dad: "We are NOT getting a dog and that's final!" (Two weeks later) Dad & Dog :

    3. This dad whose love couldn't be hidden forever:

    4. This dad who discovered the joy that is puppies:

    my dad: I don’t ever want a dog in this house also my dad:

    5. This dad who DOES in fact like her:

    6. This dad who shared his snack:

    My dad: i dont want a dog My dad now:

    7. This dad who's accepted his new life as a dog pillow:

    8. This dad who serenaded his best bud on their birthday:

    @fucdemkids Here’s my dad singing happy birthday to the dog he swore he didn’t want 😂

    9. This dad who definitely lied:

    10. This dad who ate his own words:

    Mi papá: ya no quiero perros en la casa, les aviso luego ya. mi papá ahora:

    My dad: I don't want any more dogs in the house, I am warning you.

    My dad now:

    11. This dad who found a sleeping buddy:

    @krystaldlg my dad after he didn’t want a dog lol

    12. This dad who took the most important video to ever exist:

    “I am not having a dog in this house”- Dad😭have u ever seen anything so precious I’m crying

    13. This dad who changed his mind real fast:

    my dad: i will not allow a dog to live in my house. also my dad:

    14. This dad who is 100% a dog person now:

    15. This dad who meant to say "for forever" when he said "two weeks":

    16. This dad who is attatched at the hip with his lil' pup:

    when dad says he doesn't want any more dogs (cocoaussy : tiktok)

    17. And finally, this dad who even made a custom headboard: