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19 Dads Who Fell In Love With The Cats They Never Wanted

Nothin' cuter than a cat dad.

1. This dad who needed reassurance that he bought all the right things:

my dad who “didn’t want a cat” showing Lucas every item of the weekly shop because “he wants to see what we’ve got”

2. This dad who invented a game for the ages:

My dad last year: “No quiero un gato en esta casa” My dad now:

"I don't want a cat in this house."

3. This dad who is attatched at the hip with his bestie:

my dad: I don't want a cat in the house also my dad:

4. This dad who is now a cat assistant:

more Dad Who Didn’t Want Cats: 1) holding an umbrella over them while they sit on the shed 2) making them a sandpit and a paddling pool (he walks them on harnesses because we live near a big road and he’s scared they’ll get run over)

5. This dad who saw the photo opportunity and took it:

dad: do not bring another cat into this house also dad: “take a pic of us”

6. This dad who got a cuddle or two in:

7. This dad who is probably still in that same position:

Dad : NO CATS ARE ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE! 1 year later :

8. This dad who knows the important of tucking in your cat:

my dad: don’t u dare bring a cat into this house also my dad:

9. This dad who found a sports-lovin' bud:

10. This dad who is real glad their kid didn't take her back:

*gets cat from the pound* dad: “take her back, we don’t need another cat. she’ll make a mess around the house.” also dad:

11. This dad who couldn't look away:

Dad didn’t really want a cat 6 months ago

12. This dad who got crafty:

my dad, 2 months ago: we are never getting a cat. no cat of yours will live in this house my dad, now: i spent two weeks building this custom shelf so gizmo can sit by his favorite window because the one you bought from amazon isn’t good enough

13. This dad who found a dance partner:

14. This dad who found someone who loves napping as much as he does:

my dad: NO we can not get a cat i hate cats. also my dad with the cat:

15. This dad who picked up a whole new cat language:

Dad: “we don’t need a cat. I hate cats” Dad after we get a cat:

16. This dad who walked back on his word:

My dad before: no quiero ese gato adentro ni en los muebles My dad now:

"I don't want that cat inside or on the furniture."

17. This dad who got on his kitty's level:

my dad: “no quiero este pinché gato, menos adentro de la casa” also my dad:

"I don't want that fucking cat, even less so in the house."

18. This dad who gave his cat a lil' smooch:

My dad: If you people ever get a cat, either I will live in this house or this cat will. My dad, 5 years later after having a cat:

19. And finally, this dad who shared his snack:

My dad: No quiero ningún gato en esta casa José Manuel Also my dad: ....

"I don't want any cat in my house José Manuel."