19 People Who Had "One In A Million" Moments When Thrift Store Shopping

    Apparently, Goodwill carries exorcism kits.

    1. This copy of The Shining signed by Stephen King himself in 1981:

    2. This 1988 Olympic jacket, with badge and all:

    3. This KFC vase that exists for all the right reasons:

    4. This hilarious "knockoff" Polo Ralph Lauren sweatshirt:

    5. This casual exorcism kit:

    6. This painting that made its way back to the family:

    7. This tiny couch for a tiny hamster:

    8. This Pepsi that somehow survived this long:

    9. This signed copy of Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time:

    10. This hidden Forrest Gump movie stub:

    11. This giant Yogi Bear head:

    12. This shirt that founds its rightful doppelgänger:

    13. This disco Kermit doll:

    14. This Papa Bear stuffed animal that proves we were right about calling them "Berenstein" all along:

    15. These stools shaped like teeth:

    16. This high-heeled chair:

    17. This suit that had a great story behind it:

    18. This shirt that deserves to be worn year-round:

    19. And finally, this cat that isn't for sale but was still a good thrift find regardless:

    H/T: r/ThriftStoreHauls and r/MildlyInteresting.