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    34 Men Who Are Probably SO Close To Being Broken Up With

    The dating pool is about to grow by a few more men.

    1. This boyfriend who is probably immune to every disease:

    2. This husband who isn't satisfied with JUST the actual banana part:

    3. This boyfriend who thinks he's a toddler:

    4. This boyfriend who doesn't know how burritos work:

    5. This boyfriend who thinks it's okay to drown pizza in ranch and Italian dressing:

    6. This boyfriend who makes me feel nauseated:

    7. This husband who needs to keep his gross art to himself:

    8. This boyfriend who will be opening a toilet paper museum soon:

    9. This husband who let the milk air out:

    10. This boyfriend who turned a perfectly fine pizza into a wet pear mess:

    11. This boyfriend who — like this glass — lives on the edge:

    12. This husband who committed a crime against an innocent sandwich:

    13. This husband who needs a dedicated sour cream of his own:

    14. This boyfriend who might need to think a biiiiiiiit harder about this:

    15. This boyfriend who spent longer spelling this out than he would have just cleaning it up:

    16. This husband who will undoubtedly spill that soup and proceed not to clean it up:

    17. This husband who gave it .001% effort:

    18. This boyfriend who only thought about himself:

    19. This husband who saw a perfectly good pot and went for it:

    20. This husband who thinks he's real funny:

    21. This boyfriend who is apparently fine with a bit of leftover wet food crumbs:

    22. This husband who gave it nothing:

    23. This boyfriend who technically isn't wrong but also isn't right:

    24. This husband who should have to eat those hard tortillas:

    25. This husband who doesn't like safety, I guess:

    26. This husband who should be the one who has to make this pasta now:

    27. This husband who is just rude as hell:

    28. This boyfriend who doubles as a small rat:

    29. This husband who shouldn't be trusted with technology:

    30. This boyfriend who can't even stick to one brand:

    31. This husband who unknowingly became a fork thief:

    32. This husband who probably just didn't want to wash the bowl:

    33. This husband who needs to be kicked off the bed:

    34. And finally, this husband who might be having a little too much fun with the butter:

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating.