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25 Things That Made Latinos Say "Fuck"

Say it in front of your mom, see what happens.

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1. When you saw any of these objects:

2. When everyone just assumed you were Mexican:


3. When you actually needed some butter but could NEVER find any:

4. When your cousin asked you to be a chambelan in her quinceañera:

5. Or when you were the quinceañera and you had to risk your life by being lifted into the air:

Pero Like / Via

6. When you reached for your third pupusa and your mom called you a gordita:

7. When you were listening to all the hottest chisme and then the chisme became about you:

8. When all you wanted was some McDonald's but your mom said there was food at the house:

9. When your room was invaded by a dozen primos every time they came to visit:

Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed

10. When you were craving Hot Cheetos but all you had were some basic-ass Cheetos:

Eric Schmuttenmaer / Via Flickr: akeg

11. When your mom made you translate every single thing she got in the mail:


12. When someone said you were being too loud, but that was just your regular speaking voice:

Pero Like / Via

13. When someone couldn't believe that you could be both Latino AND black:


14. When you told your mom you were becoming a vegetarian:

15. When you were forced to greet EVERY SINGLE relative and lost an hour of your life:

kolo664 / Via

16. When you screamed for the paletero but he didn't hear you:

La Red Cero Tres / Via

17. When you burned yourself while flipping a tortilla on the comal:

18. When your mom first introduced el cucuy into your life:


19. When your dad was like "If you don't behave, that man is gonna take you" while pointing to a stranger:

Mr. Sanchez / Via

20. When you were in class and the teacher couldn't seem to pronounce your name correctly:


21. When your mom told you to turn off los frijoles in five minutes but you forgot:

22. When you woke up on a Saturday to the sound of your mom playing Los Bukis:

23. When you see that someone finally commented on your photo, only to realize it's your tía saying "Hola mijo, espero que estes bien":

24. When your dad made you pretend to be younger just so you could get the child discount:

25. And finally, when your mom pulled into the driveway and you hadn't done el quehacer:

OneQuits / Via

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