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    19 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Cute But Not To Be Trusted

    Humans don't own cats, cats owns them.

    1. This cat cosplaying as a chicken:

    DamienNev / Via

    2. This cat who's begging for mercy:

    tstew9 / Via

    3. This literary cat:

    TheLoserCrowd / Via

    4. This talented cat who knocked over a fish bowl in a surprisingly impressive manner:

    slowf3 / Via

    5. This cat who's anti yoga:

    cats_never_die / Via

    6. This cat who was keeping their owner's money hostage:

    texaspoontappa93 / Via

    7. This cat who was just trying to get in on the action:

    Stupid ass cat jumped in my video I gotta re do 🙄

    8. This cat who was purposefully locked in a bathroom and sought revenge:

    GreyGhostPhoto / Via

    9. This owner who had to take drastic measures so that their cat wouldn't venture upstairs:

    AskJ33ves / Via

    10. This cat who had a glimpse of regret, but ultimatley didn't care:

    11. This cat who made their owner lose 40 min of work because their computer has an upward facing power button:

    MrSpahkol / Via

    12. This cat who jumped into some issues:

    nedmol / Via

    13. This cat who figured out a costly solution to bird watch:

    Morganxrose / Via

    14. This cat who volunteered to be the centerpiece:

    falc0nwing / Via

    15. This cat who purposefully dropped all their food and didn't even bother to eat it:

    ImABigSquidNow / Via

    16. These two cats who obviously LOVE getting bathed:

    banana__phone / Via

    17. This cat who taught themselves how to open the front door and make their owner think that someone broke in:

    IchigoHanyou / Via

    18. This cat who's testing the waters:

    wingman2111 / Via

    19. And finally, this kitty who's got a sweet tooth:

    catwhisperer269 / Via

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