17 Cats Who Took A Stand Against Toilet Paper Hoarding

    Lock your rolls up!

    1. This cat who went on a rampage:

    2. This cat who knew it was the last roll and took advantage of it:

    My cat discovered the last roll of toilet paper. #CatsOfTheQuarantine

    3. This cat who got real acrobatic:

    * at the store * Shopper: Man, I wonder what's behind all of the toilet paper shortage? Me: I'm not sure... * at my house * Cats:

    4. This cat who held on for dear life:

    5. This cat who couldn't even wait 'til the package was opened:

    6. This cat who had no shame:

    TOILET PAPER IS FLYING OFF THE SHELVES AND THIS TERROR THINKS ITS A TOY. Obama is now up for adoption if anyone wants a cat

    7. This cat who said, "Yeah, I did it, and what?":

    Obviously my cat didn’t get the memo on the current global toilet paper situation

    8. This cat who probably stood very still so they wouldn't be seen:

    9. This cat who was clearly still interested in attacking that roll:

    10. This cat who will always find a way:

    I must ALWAYS guard my precious toilet paper from this cat.

    11. This cat who doesn't follow the news:

    Cats are not tuned into the toilet paper economy

    12. This cat who was just trying to make a second cat bed:

    13. This cat who shared their toilet paper ventures with their Minion:

    14. These two cats who somehow still looked bored:

    15. This cat who claimed what's rightfully theirs:

    Even the cats are stocking up on toilet paper!

    16. This cat who tried to be sneaky:

    Public Service Announcement 🌍 🧻🧻Toilet Paper Crisis 🧻🧻 Kevin: Around the world people have been stockpiling toilet paper 😾 Scampi: We just wanted to make it clear that us cats can survive without this toy during the current world events. Please buy catnip mice instead😺

    17. And finally, this duo who are much too cute to blame: