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    15 Photos Of Cats On Glass For Anyone Who Needs Some Good In Their Life

    File this under things I never thought I'd find adorable.

    1. This cat who is me after one glass of wine:

    2. This cat who wants us to fall in love with those adorable curled paws:

    3. This fluffy baby who can't help but smile:

    4. This cat who took in some sun:

    5. Same goes for this lil' bub:

    6. These two cuties who were just showing off those adorable paws:

    7. This cat who is a beauty from every angle:

    8. This cutie who aligned their paws just for us:

    9. This kitty who just wanted to take a catnap in peace:

    10. This cat who is honestly mesmerizing:

    11. This cat who came out of hiding for this moment:

    12. This cat who wanted to taste the table, as we all do:

    13. This cat who is looking down on all of us:

    14. This cat who moonlights as a model:

    15. And finally, this lil' kitty who proves cats are in fact a liquid: