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    9 Cats That Had Zero Remorse And 9 Who Are Total Empaths At Heart

    Not all cats are mean...some are both mean AND nice.

    1. These cats who ganged up on their dog sibling:

    2. This cat who saved his cat sister's life:

    3. This cat who just wanted a lil' bite:

    Twitter: @bbykaat

    4. This cat who is always there for their human:

    5. This cat who said, "You're running on MY schedule":

    In the UK right now a train is delayed as a cat is sitting on the roof and refusing to come down.

    Twitter: @archer_rs

    6. This cat who is a total empath:

    7. This cat who wanted to see what wet toilet paper looked like:

    8. This cat who helped out a bunny in need:

    9. This cat who is still learning:

    10. This cat who took on the role of parent quickly:

    11. This cat who showed their human they're not to be messed with:

    12. This cat who has a respectable amount of patience and kindness:

    13. This cat who had zero regrets:

    14. This cat who comforted her dog brother through his loss:

    15. This kitten who showed their dominance over the older cat:

    16. This cat who helped a kitten in need:

    17. This cat who went on the ride of a lifetime:

    18. And finally, this cat who knew where he was needed most:

    H/T: r/AnimalsBeingBros and r/CatsAreAssholes