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    15 Cats That Were Jerks To Dogs And Had Zero Remorse

    It's a cat's world and dogs are just living in it.

    1. This cat that evicted their doggie friend from their bed:

    2. This cat that may have intentionally confused the dog food for their litter box:

    3. This cat that said, "You're MY dog":

    4. This cat that wasn't about to share their living space:

    5. This cat that blocked this hallway with all their might:

    6. And this cat that took ownership of the stairs:

    7. This cat that had murder on the mind:

    8. This cat that thought this would be the perfect time to practice pouncing:

    9. These kittens that circled this poor pup:

    10. This cat that knows where your priorities should be:

    11. This cat that saw dog food and took the opportunity:

    12. This cat that participated in the longest staring content ever:

    13. This cat that found the best seat in the house:

    my cat is literally using my dog's face as a pillow...she don't give a fuuuuck

    14. This cat that just wanted a bone of their own:

    15. And finally, this cat that knew what they did and had no problem with it:

    H/T r/CatsAreAssholes & r/AnimalsBeingJerks