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    15 Cats Who Lost The Ultimate Game Of Hide-And-Seek

    "My cat? Oh, she's somewhere around here..."

    1. This cat who was rudely interrupted:

    2. This cat who should probably find a new hiding place that doesn't have as many wires around it:

    3. This cat who tried to steal Christmas:

    4. This cat who I'm honestly rooting for:

    5. These kittens who love a good book:

    6. This cat who had one giant obstacle:

    7. This cat who was totally inconspicuous:

    I wonder where my cat is hiding 🤔🤔🤔

    8. This cat who found the perfect spot:

    9. These two kitties who are looking down on us all:

    10. This cat who discovered true comfort:

    11. This cat who just might be a killer:

    12. This cat who did their best:

    13. This cat who found a new life amongst the penguins:

    14. This cat who is the new owner of an invisibility cloak:

    My cats newest hiding spot: underneath unrolled paper towels

    15. And finally, this cat who tried: