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17 Pets Who've Mastered The Art Of Camouflage

These cuties were blending in way before Waldo made it popular.

1. This dog who didn't mean to hide this well:

u/JimFancyPants / Via

2. This cat who is part hardwood themselves:

u/Cold_Zero_ / Via

3. This dog who shouldn't be at fault for wanting some warmth:

u/Ncfetcho / Via

4. This cat who wants you to know they're ALWAYS watching:

5. This cat who only went halfsies:

u/LiljaKillYa / Via

6. This cat who found the perfect hiding place:

u/LAN-down-under / Via

7. This cat who was feeling festive:

u/brachiomyback / Via

8. This cat who was just guarding the second floor:

u/caroliner416 / Via

9. This dog who found their people:

u/m1thil3sh / Via

10. This cat who achieved levels of comfort we all wish we had:

u/mrlucrezia / Via

11. This cat who thought they were being real slick:

u/caitmill22 / Via

12. This cat who needs to stop hanging out on black bath mats:

u/Batjann / Via

13. This dog who became one with the pebbles:

u/TransIndian / Via

14. This dog who was constructed from that very rock:

A pretty good example of unintended animal camouflage: my sister’s dog on a rock in Maine. #dog #animal #camouflage #cryptic #crypsis #whereswaldo

15. This cat who didn't want to be seen or bothered:

u/dickfacecat / Via

16. This dog who broke character for the sake of their ball:

17. And finally, this puppy who wished they actually had the ability to camouflage like the rest of these pets:

u/WildScorpion / Via

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