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    25 Catholic Tweets That Are Honestly So Real It's Sinful

    I still don't know whether to put the wafer in my hands or mouth first.

    1. When nothing made sense so you asked every question possible:

    My mum was teaching first holy communion class, and a kid asked her "How many communions do you have to do before you've eaten a whole Jesus?"

    2. When you openly sinned right in front of this EXACT Jesus portrait:

    Sad Jesus hanging on the wall in the kitchen watching you eat your dinner and silently judging you #growingupcatholic

    3. When your birds and the bees talk felt a little...different:

    4. When you fought hypothermia any way you knew how:

    Some of y’all never endured an entire winter in a plaid Catholic school skirt and it shows

    5. When you knew that Gloria wasn't just a three syllable word:

    Van Morrison: I’d like to buy 12 O’s

    6. When your stomach wanted nothing more than a burger on Fridays during Lent...

    7. When you were tricked into going to confession...

    #GrowingUpCatholic parents dragging you to confession like

    8. ...sinned while confessing your sins...

    Trying to think of an obscure sin for confession so the priest doesn't feel like he's wasting his time #growingupcatholic

    9. ...and then never bothered to fix your mistakes:

    Walking out of confession but knowing you'll be back again next week with the same exact sins. #GrowingUpCatholic

    10. When you just wanted to be in on the communion craze:

    Feeling left out those first 9 years when you couldn't receive communion #GrowingUpCatholic

    11. When your home's secondary light source was these candles:

    #GrowingUpHispanic #GrowingUpCatholic Buying these type of candles

    12. When you felt like a billionaire after your first communion:

    #growingupcatholic after making your communion:

    13. And then relived the day over and over again on account of all the photos your parents hung up:

    14. When holy water became the solution to any problem:

    When your sick and Mam hands you this to make you better #growingupcatholic

    15. When you felt like you were in church even though you were just in your living room:

    16. When you made up a language of your own:

    Moving your mouth and mumbling and pretending you knew all the prayers #growingupcatholic

    17. When people thought you just smudged some dirt on your forehead:

    “Hey Abby, you have a little something on your forehead” “Hey Abby, what is that stuff?” “Hey Abby, you missed a spot” #catholicproblems

    18. When you recount the first time you had any form of anxiety:

    Never knowing, given the priest of the day, whether to offer your hands or your tongue. #growingupcatholic

    19. And when you had to help the body of Christ move past your mouth:

    the body of christ getting stuck on the top of your mouth so you have to stick your finger in to get it off #growingupcatholic

    20. When your mom tried to apply every service to your life:

    The look your mom gives you when the priest says something about disobedient children. #catholics #churchproblems #catholicyouth

    21. When you felt like you were going to be possessed by reading Harry Potter:

    I hope when all my catholic school teachers meet God or whatever, he’s just sitting there reading Harry Potter and is like, “Why’d you tell kids I’d hate this and they’d go to hell? These books are fucking fantastic.”

    22. When you tried to have fun at the expense of others:

    #GrowingUpCatholic during the our Father squeezing your siblings' hands as hard as you possibly could

    23. When your eyes were half open during mass:

    When mass goes over an hour #CatholicProblems

    24. When you finally heard these words being uttered by the priest:

    Saying "Thanks be to God" with real meaning when the priest says "The mass is ended, go in peace" #growingupcatholic

    25. And finally, when you ran towards the first carb that glanced at you after mass:

    "There will be donuts after mass" Me as soon as mass ends: