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    15 Cats Who Abandoned Their Bed And Toys For A Pizza Box Instead

    Why get a cat bed when you can just throw a pizza box on the ground?

    1. This cat who reunited with his long lost love:

    2. This cat who is lucky enough to receive a new gift weekly:

    3. This cat who has formed a lifelong friendship with one box and one box alone:

    4. This cat who soaked in the sun with their new bestie:

    5. This cat who is just living his best life:

    I have never been as relaxed or content as my cat is on his pizza box on top of the fridge where all the warm air and food smells gather

    6. These two cats who are worshipping their pizza box deity:

    The cats have reaped a bountiful harvest of my socks. Now onto the service of thanksgiving on their pizza box altar

    7. This cat who found someone worth cuddling:

    Here’s my cat cuddling pizza box after she licked a piece when no one was watching

    8. This cat who found the perfect place to knock out:

    The cat OD’d on catnip and crashed out on a pizza box.

    9. This cat who got the ultimate jackpot:

    10. This cat who is too cute for words:

    My cat won’t get off this pizza box and is also an idiot

    11. This cat who said, "Don't come near me or my box":

    @D0ZEoff_ My parents came home one night to their cat warming the pizza box

    12. This cat who demonstrated what a cat nap looks like:

    13. This cat who won't give up their pizza boxes without a fight:

    14. This cat who put the pizza box holes to use:

    So that's what the little holes in pizza boxes are for...

    15. And finally, this cat who didn't even bother to wait until the box was empty: