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    19 Moms Who Didn't Want A Cat And Came Around Real Fast

    There's no resisting a cat's love.

    1. This mom who couldn't resist a photo op:

    2. This mom who should win an Oscar for this masterpiece:

    My mom: don’t get a cat. I don’t like cats Me: *gets a cat* My mom: look at this video I made

    Please watch this with the sound on. You won't regret it.

    3. This mom who found the perfect way to carry around her partner in crime:

    mom, january 2019: “NO CATS IN MY HOUSE!” mom, now:

    4. This mom who just wanted a dance partner:

    Mom: I don’t want no more cats in this house Her a few days later...

    5. This mom who got her cat child a new shirt:

    6. This mom who should just stop pretending:

    My mom: “I don’t even like the cat” Also my mom:

    7. This mom who basically runs a cat Instagram now:

    my mom, a year ago: no, we're not getting a cat. i dont even like cats! her instagram now:

    8. This mom who bombarded the cat she didn't want with kisses:

    my mom: i don’t want a cat in this house also my mom:

    9. This mom who now has a new sidekick:

    Me: I want a cat My mom: I don’t want a cat, don’t dare bring a cat home I will throw it out onto the street! Less than 24 hours later: he’s perched up on her shoulder slowly falling asleep

    10. This mom who instantly fell in love with her four new cat grand babies:

    My mom said she hated cats and never wanted them inside the house. My cat had kittens and look at her now😂💖

    11. This mom who knows that a cozy cat is a happy cat:

    my mom: “hell no we are not getting another cat! you will be taking care of it, not me!” also my mom:

    12. This mom who couldn't help but share this adorableness:

    13. This mom who cradled her baby as a baby should be held:

    Arab moms: welak don’t bring any pets into this house, who’s going to take care of it Also arab moms:

    14. This mom who refused to let her allergies stand in her way:

    My mom who’s tryna act like she still allergic to cats and don’t like em but bought my cat a toy and lil perch box and calls her her grandkitty so what’s the troooof — here’s a vid of salem lovin’ it tho

    15. This mom who just wanted her kitty to have sweet dreams:

    u/johns_87 / Via

    16. This mom who was rightfully concerned:

    my mom: “ur not getting a cat i wont allow it” also my mom:

    "Send me photos of everything you bought for Luna Enriquez."

    17. This mom who knows that it's easier said than done:

    "STOP bringing stray cats home!!" -my mom also my mom-

    18. This mom who can't ignore a cat in need:

    19. And finally, this mom who went from "don't bring it in my house" to "snuggle with me in bed":

    My mom: Don’t bring that damn cat in my house! Idk who is going to take care of it when you’re gone Also my mom: