17 Pets Who Aren't Used To Their Owners Working From Home

    It's not a video conference meeting unless a cat jumps in the frame.

    1. This dog who didn't fully trust what was happening:

    2. This cat who refused to be replaced by a mouse:

    3. This dog who knew what they wanted:

    my new wfh coworker is so needy, I can’t get anything done 🙄

    4. This dog who deserves an Oscar:

    5. These kitties who became one with the art:

    6. This cat who needed to be manipulated:

    can’t stop thinking about this couple who had to make a fake lap for their clingy cat so they could get work done

    7. This dog who unintentionally became the star of a conference call:

    We’re at the point of the WFH experience where my dogs loud snoring has fully interrupted a video conference call 🤣

    8. This cat who was just trying to get rid of all that pesky data:

    One of my cats (Muon) has really strong feelings about solid-state NMR data processing #NMRchat #WFH

    9. This cat who made a cameo for the ages:

    When you start recording a midweek video update for the team and your cat comes in the window #workingfromhome

    10. This cat who is sooo sick of their owner being home:

    WFH day 4: the cat is planning my downfall

    11. This cat who turned to violence:

    Saddens me to have to officially report the first #workingfromhome workplace incident. While taking a quick yoga break, the cat attacked my hoody drawstring, causing a deep facial laceration. Paperwork has been completed and disciplinary action is expected #WFH

    12. This cat who found a new bed:

    The cat: “working from home, you say? We’ll see about that”

    13. This dog who is too cute to ignore:

    @OkayJoJay Wfh is a task with a dog

    14. This cat who should probably stick to chewing on their toys:

    “Helping” dad work from home by ensuring all the cables have been chewed, attacked and are now behaving themselves 😹😹😹 #CatsOfTwitter

    15. This dog who is totally built for laps:

    It’s hard to work from home when your very much not a lap dog insists on being in your lap.

    16. This cat who wanted in on the work drama:

    My cat crashed a meeting today 😂

    17. And finally, this cat who got real weird: