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    18 Cats And Dogs Who Have An Unbreakable Bond

    Magic happens when you combine the power of a woof and a purr.

    1. This duo who combined their paws and caused a cuteness overload:

    A large dog putting his paws on a much smaller kitten's paws

    2. This cat who doubled as an emotional-support animal for their dog friend:

    3. These two who really knew how to work a camera:

    A cat and dog putting their heads together and looking directly at the camera

    4. These two friends who bless a human with their presence on a daily basis:

    A dog sitting on a home's walkway while a cat sits atop the dog, despite neither belonging to the homeowner

    5. This dog who was just trying their best to entertain the cat:

    6. This cat who said, "This is my bed now":

    A tiny kitten sleeping on the head of a much larger dog

    7. This cat who found their new favorite ear-shaped toy:

    So my friends cat and my dog met for the first time today and this is what happened... enjoy

    8. This dog who knows that sharing is caring:

    9. This cat and dog who took in the joys of petting and hugging an animal:

    Did my dog just pet my cat?? And did my cat just hug my dog??

    10. This gentle giant who observed his new kitty housemates:

    11. This duo who deserve a movie of their own:

    While I cannot truly ease any of the many things right now that are terrible, I can offer the fact that my parent's dog has made friends with a village cat, and the cat has apparently taken to just lazing atop her, like the tiny king (well, queen) of dog mountain:

    12. These two babies who showed off their paws to each other:

    When Kitty Met Puppy... clearly cats and dogs CAN get along.

    15. These two road trip cuties who took in the view together:

    A cat and dog looking out of a car window together as their owner drives

    17. This cat who is clearly ride or die till the end:

    18. And finally, this old duo who just wanted to be grumpy together:

    An old dog and old cat sitting together on the dog's bed