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If You’d Eat 15/18 Of These Things, Then Your Taste Buds Are Superior

Are you pumped for pumpkin?

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1. If there's one thing we can agree on, it's that PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON IS BACK!

theimpulsivebuy / Via

2. It's arguably the most important time of the year and if you think you're above it, you're not. 😇

3. How are you just gonna look in Poppin' Fresh's face and tell him his pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls suck?


4. Or tell this poor black cat chef that you don't want the pumpkin Kit Kats they spent hours making?!

junkbanter / Via

5. I'll admit, I have trash taste, but this peep and I will be pumpkin trash TOGETHER!

6. Even this Toaster Strudel is happy about having some sweet, sweet pumpkin inside of it.

7. If you're with me on this pumpkin-loving journey, welcome and please spread the love.

8. If you're not, Twinkie The Kid and I are judging you.

9. I'll eat pumpkin anything for breakfast...

10. a snack...

11. ...and as a light, healthy lunch.

12. I'll be eating this stuff until I'm 180 years old. Yes, pumpkin will help me live that long.

13. Until then, catch me at your local bar downing shots of this pumpkin rum.

14. And eating this entire loaf of bread when I've had one shot too many.


16. And when I wake up the next day with a pumpkin hangover, I'll be making myself a delicious pumpkin PB&J...

17. an entire box of pumpkin spice Oreos...

18. ...and then swallow this entire bottle of creamer on it's own, 'cuz I don't drink coffee. Ew.

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