17 Boyfriends Who Have Some Explaining To Do

    Apparently there's a wrong way to eat a sandwich.

    1. This boyfriend who's apparently never seen a sandwich in his life:

    2. This boyfriend who just got lazy:

    3. This boyfriend who accidentally made bathtub chicken:

    My boyfriend had one job. ONE JOB. He left it under the water so long it started to fricken cook. #YouHadOneJob

    4. This boyfriend who, at the very least, has impressive knife skills:

    5. This boyfriend who must have steamed those carrots real hard:

    6. This boyfriend who disrespected the sanctity of the cheesecake:

    7. This boyfriend who may be part gerbil:

    this is how my boyfriend eats celery should I have him arrested

    8. This boyfriend who has no excuse:

    9. This boyfriend who is destined to stick with tea:

    10. This boyfriend who had one job:

    11. This boyfriend who may be an alien in disguise:

    12. This boyfriend who would have been better off just spooning the watermelon out:

    13. This boyfriend who knew exactly what he was doing:

    i asked my boyfriend to bring me an ice cream sandwich, i am exhausted from the disrespect

    14. This boyfriend who invented a new chip-opening method that no one asked for:

    15. This boyfriend who fed some chocolate to the toilet:

    Oh good god. I asked my boyfriend to do me an Easter Egg hunt. He's never done one before. THIS happened.

    16. This boyfriend who basically asked for this destruction:

    my boyfriend tried to fry eggs & bacon on the stove top using a stoneware baking dish…

    17. And finally, this boyfriend who learned his lesson the hard way:

    “I don’t think I’ve ever had a Kit Kat before,” my boyfriend remarks before doing THIS