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19 Boyfriend Food Fails That Should Never, Ever Be Forgiven

Being single is underrated.

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1. This boyfriend who needs to watch a pizza cutting tutorial or something:

deeelightful / Via

2. This dude who thought this was the smartest way to open his hotdog buns:

marie-llama / Via

3. This boyfriend who's never heard of avocados until now:

jgo215 / Via

4. This guy who just dumped his groceries into his pantry and called it a day:

lellielellelelle / Via

5. This guy who is clearly disturbed:

fobwwegirl / Via

6. This boyfriend who's an anarchist at his core:

caykat / Via

7. This boyfriend who murdered some perfectly mashed potatoes:

beloveddorian / Via

8. This guy who was asked by his girlfriend to finish cutting up the watermelon:

klc88 / Via

9. This guy who managed to create a weapon while opening some corn:

let_me_in_already / Via

10. This boyfriend who was asked to simply cut the sandwich in half:

LivingwithRobots / Via

11. This guy who melted some Kraft singles on his chips and called them "nachos":

Lovestoothpaste / Via

12. This guy who took a "bite" out of his girlfriend's Italian ice:

Stellar_Eyebrows / Via

13. This boyfriend who mistakenly ruined every banana:

ab0rtretryfail / Via

14. This boyfriend who left a bag of chips open overnight and RUINED them:

sf1592 / Via

15. This boyfriend who put empty wrappers back in a bag of candy:

glasseskouhai / Via

16. This guy who took his fork to some butter for his waffles:

Hannahoberst / Via

17. This guy who didn't use a bread knife to cut this loaf in an unholy way:


18. This boyfriend who tried, but didn't quite succeed:

perpetuallimerence / Via

19. And finally, this monster:

JasmineDragon22 / Via

H/T r/mildlyinfuriating

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