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15 Things That Are Actually Worth Putting In Your Mouth

Open wide.

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1. This elote that is just slightly curved:

outer_fatty / Via

2. This churro that'll ooze all over you:

cadacuando / Via

3. This soaking-wet burrito:

roy_a0112 / Via

4. These plaintains that you have to peel back to get to the sweet stuff:

mellovesava / Via

5. This thick and creamy elote:

6. Every single one of these juicy pieces of meat:

mylastbite / Via

7. This extra long churro:

8. This danger dog you might choke on if you're not careful:

kimihirokun / Via

9. This burrito that'll make a mess all over you:

watmovesu / Via

10. And this burrito that requires a good, firm grip:

lacochinafood / Via

11. These two elotes you'll have to double-team:

my_greedy_life / Via

12. These churros of all different shapes and sizes:

13. This danger dog you'll have to open wide for:

janeysgotagunn / Via

14. This plantain you can only take one inch at a time:

15. And finally this lil' elote, because it's just as tasty as the big ones:

rivea245 / Via

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