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    17 Huge Dogs Who Apparently Still Think They're Puppies

    Let 'em be whoever they want to be!

    1. If you own a big dog, chances are you know this moment all too well.

    u/codyhudym / Via

    2. You're just minding your business on the couch or in a chair, when, out of the corner of your eye, you see a huge ball of fluff coming your way.

    u/Rustyhank / Via

    3. You already know what's coming next, but you let 'em jump on top of you anyway because how could you refuse all this adorableness?

    u/Are_you_fucken_sorry / Via

    4. Whether they were a small puppy just a few months or years ago, it makes no difference. They want your lap, and they want it NOW!

    u/fadedcommunity / Via

    5. So you watch them try and figure out how they could possibly get comfortable on such a small bed, aka you.

    Whoever said a pitbull couldn’t be a lap dog seriously missed out #Derp

    6. They eventually find their sweet spot, at the expense of your internal organs.

    u/JChilly12 / Via

    7. But who needs organs when you're getting cuddles?! Not I.

    u/STylerMLmusic / Via

    8. You don't have the heart to tell them that they're literally crushing you...

    u/shagginflies / Via

    9. you accept your fate and wrap your arms around your best friend.

    Mika and mummy❤️ she's determined to be a lapdog so dead legs it is

    10. Sure, you probably should have gone to the bathroom before this. Or have run all your errands. But this is your life now.

    u/thebeardedcannuck / Via

    11. You begin to question how time could move so fast and think back to a time when they couldn't pin you down.

    u/therealrico / Via

    12. But your pup chose YOU to crush. That's love, my friends.

    u/HD_VISION / Via

    13. They will always be your baby, even if you got them when they were grown.

    u/Homebrewer333 / Via

    14. They've allowed you to cuddle with them when you were down, and now it's your turn to return the favor.

    And for her last 10 minutes in the bookshop Artie has found a human chair on which she can pretend to be the lap dog she most certainly isn’t. Too big dog+ Happy Human = #FridayFeeIing #bookshopdog

    15. Dogs of every size are filled with boundless love.

    u/ImmunosuppressivePip / Via

    16. But big dogs, well, they've just got more places to store all that love.

    u/bigstevek2703 / Via

    17. So let your lapdog be a lapdog, because it's what they deserve.

    I've always wanted a lap #dog, and now I've got one... a 40-lb/20-kilo #rescue #pitbull mix.

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