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    Updated on May 26, 2020. Posted on May 26, 2020

    18 Big Dogs And 1 Cow Who Are Totally Allowed To Say They're Lapdogs

    Big on the outside, lil' puppies on the inside.

    1. This dog who was just lookin' for some comfort from this scary world:

    u/LazyTyrant / Via

    2. This dog who found the best position ever:

    u/hamiltoneitdown / Via

    3. This dog who is just too cute for words:

    u/MyNameGifOreilly / Via

    4. This dog who's been training for this moment their whole life:

    5. This dog who made sure Grammy got a lot of valuable dog time in:

    u/Fishmike52 / Via

    6. And this dog who saw Grandma's lap and took the opportunity:

    u/JChilly12 / Via

    7. This dog who doesn't care about your dead legs as long as they're comfortable:

    Mika and mummy❤️ she's determined to be a lapdog so dead legs it is

    8. This dog who used her owner as her very own personal throne:

    u/luishall5847 / Via

    9. This dog who has the energy of their smaller dog companion:

    u/M4V3R1CK_PAXn / Via

    10. This dog who copied their owner's gaze:

    u/DanimalHouse / Via

    11. This dog who had the time of their life:

    u/Dianna_2Ns / Via

    12. This dog who knew exactly what she was doing:

    u/Are_you_fucken_sorry / Via

    13. This dog who may not be a puppy anymore but sure kept those puppy-dog eyes:

    Bone thinks he’s a lap dog... and he’d be 100% right in that assumption! 😆😂

    14. This dog who said, "Oh, you want a lapdog? I'll give you lapdog":

    u/irozco69 / Via

    15. This dog who found a new forever home and forever lap:

    u/justValsGayUncleAl / Via

    16. This dog who's probably still crushing his owner:

    u/brandy_wine / Via

    17. This dog who might just be named Clifford:

    u/loderman / Via

    18. This dog who made sure to share the lap the best he could:

    u/shagginflies / Via

    19. And finally, this newborn calf who found a lap and called it home:

    u/camfoss1995 / Via

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