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    19 Handwriting Samples That Are So Sexy They Should Be X-Rated

    Typography is hot, hot, hot.

    1. This barista who's destined for greatness:

    u/1joshc1 / Via

    2. This notebook from 1989:

    u/klankeser / Via

    3. This restaurant order:

    u/RandomActOfBlerg / Via

    4. This handwriting that's at minimum the best thing I've ever seen:

    SellaTheChair_ / Via

    5. This too-good-for-words "A":

    u/thekillerkrab / Via

    6. This Easter cake creation:

    truffleRuffel / Via

    7. This SpongeBob stan:

    Lunacreep / Via

    8. This handwritten letter:

    u/LetsFindSomeTalent / Via

    9. This perfect three:

    u/Epicsarah99 / Via

    10. This person who made a gorgeous watering schedule for her roommate who was going to take care of her plants:

    bonepuzzle / Via

    11. This sign that wasn't made using stencils:

    u/ravenignite / Via

    12. This gorgeous date:

    u/Annaleise182 / Via

    13. This note from a hotel housekeeper:

    Double_black / Via

    14. This AP calculus board:

    u/jaxtrelly / Via

    15. These soil chemistry notes:

    avocadoqueen123 / Via

    16. These notes that should become a font of their own:

    MrMeed / Via

    17. This teacher's note that didn't need to be this stunning:

    u/agegin / Via

    18. This chemistry lab report that just feels right:

    dramatic_walrus / Via

    19. And finally, this beautiful message found on a bathroom wall:

    u/chito_bonito / Via

    H/T: /r/PenmanshipPorn

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