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    17 People Who Once Said, "Yea, I Can Bake" And Then Immediately Regretted It

    I need Nicole Byer to judge these.

    1. This baker who rebelled and then paid for it:

    CreeperReaperX / Via

    2. This baker who basically murdered Jigglypuff:

    moxtwelve / Via

    3. This baker who took the easy route:

    aggadoo / Via

    4. This baker who's never seen a lamb in their life:

    AbeLincolnLapDance / Via

    5. This baker who will be receiving a cease and desist from Kylie herself:

    6. This baker who saw something phallic and went for it:

    TheClarkFactor / Via

    7. This baker who needs to put this cake pop out of its misery:

    ExtremeCryptographer / Via

    8. This baker who created something explosive:

    jesscuhman / Via

    9. This baker who's secretly the Grinch:

    CheezyBob / Via

    10. This baker who did this poor frog dirty:

    SurplusSix / Via

    11. This baker who transformed Kermit into KermNOT:

    petunia777 / Via

    12. This baker who gave Frosty a makeunder:

    ellenuttley / Via

    13. This baker who I'm sure made a delicious pie underneath that...thing:

    Nickyrosee / Via

    14. This baker who basically insulted cats everywhere:

    thehellsbelle / Via

    15. This baker who tried their best:

    kyandian / Via

    16. This baker who tried to become Martha Stewart but didn't quite get it:

    duffcalifornia / Via

    17. And finally, this baker who really brought out the "monster" in Monster's Inc.

    Appropriate_Buyer / Via