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Angel Bismark Curiel Is The Heartthrob We Should Be Talking About

He sure knows how to strike a pose.

This is Angel Bismark Curiel. You may already know him as Lil' Papi on Pose, but on or off the screen, this man is a sight to behold. 👀

So for all our sakes, let me make my case for electing Angel as your newest heartthrob whilst also sprinkling in an occasional shirtless photo or two because, after all, we're thirsty humans.

For one, and most importantly, he knows the importance of voting! And given that 2020 is a big election year, you should all follow his lead!

He knows how to stay home during a pandemic and picks only the best books to dive into. In this case, he's reading Dominicana by Angie Cruz for the second time.

He's got a smile that could light up even the darkest recesses of my heart.

And did I mention the shirtless thing? 'Cause damn.

He rides hard for the onscreen romance between Indya Moore and himself on Pose and knows just how important and valuable that romance is to the world.

Aye, TV ACADEMY VOTERS: Ain’t nothing like POSE on TV. Take this scene as proof: a young cis Latinx man proclaiming his love out loud without apology for a Black trans woman played by @IndyaMoore. Consider that. Consider us. Consider our American family drama. #fyc #emmys #posefx

He has an impeccable sense of style.

Even when he's not wearing clothes.

He shows his abuelita the love she deserves.

And always shows that same love and gratitude for his Pose cast.

He makes breathing look sexy. (Please hit play.)

And is the only guy who is allowed to manspread.

He adopted a pit bull mix named Cocoa and loves him with every ounce of his being.

Just ask Cocoa yourself, he has his own Insta!

And boy is Cocoa lucky to see this man smiling at him on a daily basis.

He'll make you wish you could suddenly transform into a beach chair.

Or wish you could inch your way toward that puckered up face.

There's just no way anyone can deny this man's inner and outer beauty.

And in case you've fallen in love while reading this post, just know that Angel found love of his own with writer, director, and activist Janet Mock.

And while their relationship is beautiful, that can't stop me from looking. Sorry Janet.

In conclusion, show some love to Angel Bismark Curiel, something tells me we'll be seeing a whole lot more from him in the future.