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23 Smells That’ll Remind You Of Your Childhood Summers

Back when times were simpler.

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1. The smell of plastic when you spent entire afternoons chillin' in the kiddie pool.

2. The aroma of freshly mowed lawns as you ran freely around your neighborhood.

3. The delightful smell of burning charcoal when your parents fired up the grill at dinnertime.

4. The woody aroma of burning logs as you and your family made s'mores around the campfire.

5. The oddly satisfying smell of suncreen after your parents slathered you from head to toe.

6. The sweet smell of that freshly scooped ice cream you were begging for all week long.

7. The fresh, earthy smell of morning dew when you actually woke up early on Saturday mornings.

8. The strong scent of chlorine once your parents finally convinced you to get out of the pool.

9. The fruity smell of that Capri Sun you accidentally spilled while punching in the straw.

10. The lingering scent of overpriced fried foods at your local fair.

11. The fragrant whiff of flowers blooming when you played in the yard.

12. The overpowering scent of salty sea air during your many family trips to the beach.

13. The satisfying scent of L’Oréal shampoo after playing in the dirt all afternoon.

14. The refreshing smell of a big juicy slice of watermelon on an extremely hot day.

15. The noxious scent of your feet after you had worn your jelly sandals all day long.

16. The smell of clean air when you purposely got wet during a warm summer rain.

17. The rubbery smell of the garden hose when you took a sip or two from it.

18. The fishy smell of boiling seafood for those very ~special~ summer days.

19. The scent of stale air after spending all day indoors playing video games.

20. The smell of water on hot concrete when your neighbors watered their lawn.

21. The pungent smell of everyone else's B.O. on some of the hottest days of the year.

22. The slightly burned smell of VHS tapes after you'd watched each one about a dozen times.

23. The sweet smell of success after a summer well spent.

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