90’s Nostalgia Wars: Overused Vs. Underrated

Just when you thought it was over… The 90’s Nostalgia Goldmine Has More To Give.

1. Sea-Life Turned Crime Fighters

Reigning Champion: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Underdog: Street Sharks

Case for the contender: You would actually wear a street sharks tie-die shirt today. No? Just me?

3. Quirky Science Show

Reigning Champion: Bill Nye the Science Guy

Underdog: Beakman’s World

Case for the contender: Real nostalgia takes you back 15 years.
Not 5 minutes ago when you saw them on dancing with the stars.

5. Forgotten Fruit Snacks

Reigning Champion: Gushers

Underdog: String Thing

Case for the contender: Combines fruit snacks and spaghetti.

7. Sniffable School Supplies

Reigning Champion: Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

Underdog: Scratch ‘n Sniff Stickers

Case for the contender: So awesome you can smell them off of your screen. Plus they meant you got a good grade OR sat still.

9. Pixel Platformer

Reigning Champion: Super Mario World

Underdog: Boogerman

Case for the contender: Umm you literally farted and picked your nose to victory.
What can mario do? Eat flowers?

11. Musical Toy You Never Got Anyway

Reigning Champion: Hit Clips

Underdog: Sound Bites

Case for the contender: Sneakily tried to get this for Mother’s Day. Still see nothing wrong with that.

13. Relatable Saturday Morning Cartoon

Reigning Champion: Doug.

Underdog: Pepper Ann

Case for the contender: She was too cool for 7th grade, JUST like you.

15. Outdated Music Modes

Reigning Champion: 8-Bit / Chiptunes / Game Boy Music

Underdog: Midi music

Case for the contender: Sure 8-bit has the star power… But Midi brings you BACK.

17. Violent Video Games IRL

Reigning Champion: Super Soaker

Underdog: Pony Boy Cap Guns

Case for the contender: You felt like a cowboy holding these. I’ll never live up to my five-year-old expectations of becoming a cowboy.

19. Jealousy-Inducing Lunch Item

Reigning Champion: Lunchables

Underdog: Planet Lunch Packs

Case for the contender: A giant variety pack of chips. Am I the only one who saved Fritos for last? Am I the only one who put these chips between bread to spice up my normally weird and ethnic lunches?

21. Gender Specific Oven Toy

Reigning Champion: Easy-Bake Oven

Underdog: Creepy Crawlers

Case for the contender: They were having fun in the commercial. Why can’t we ever have fun?
Even more important why couldn’t they make easy bake for boys? Or at least in blue?

23. 90’s Doodler of Choice

Reigning Champion: Etch-a-Sketch

Underdog: Magna-Doodle

Case for the contender: You look at it right now and you want to paint it black, then erase, don’t you?

25. Unnece-scarily Baggy Pants

Reigning Champion: JNCO Jeans

Underdog: UFO Pants

Case for the contender: Wearing these only once to the middle school dance made you cool for one night.

27. Lo-Tech Handheld Gaming

Reigning Champion: Get the ring on the thing water game.

Underdog: Get the ball in the hole cube game.

Case for the contender: Definitely the oddest thing you got in a Piñata.

29. DIY Snacks

Reigning Champion: Dunkaroos

Underdog: Handi-Snacks

Case for the contender: Spread. Lick. Eat. Repeat

31. Ordinary Gum in Extraordinary Packages

Reigning Champion: Ouch Bubble Gum

Underdog: Bubble Beeper

Case for the contender: Distributing these on the blacktop made you four-year-old Tony Montana.

33. Defunct Beverages

Reigning Champion: Surge

Underdog: Snapple Elements

Case for the contender:
Dear Snapple,

Please get the point… I don’t want Donald Trump to sell me a beverage. I want my Snapple Rain back. Perhaps back then we were not ready, or worthy perhaps. But we have grown as a people.

Also, please bring back the Boston Tea Party labels. Do this and I will stop drinking Arizona.


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