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How To Star In A Horror Film

Why should Freddy Krueger have all the fun? Lose some common sense and jump right in!

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Abandoned Places = Disneyland

iguessitsokay / Via

Is this that one place where that one murder happened on Halloween on this exact night 20 years ago and the killer was never caught? Perfect! Let's go! It's in the middle of nowhere where you don't get cell service? What could go wrong?!

Never fix your car.

fuuck-thesystem / Via

Is your car old and showing signs of trouble? Never see a mechanic. Wait until it breaks down on a lonely dirt road on a rainy day until you realize that would have probably been a good idea.

Run for your life!

Dimension Films / Via

Killer in your house? Run! Not to your neighbor's house or to a car, but down the street or preferably into an abandoned forest. Bonus points if you keep looking back and then trip.

Never believe your spouse or child.

Dreamworks / Via

Does your wife report having seen strange figures around the house and heard voices? Does your 10-year old son draw horrifying pictures and then claim an imaginary friend told him to? Don't believe them. They're lying and they're probably "crazy."

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