Owen Merry
Minister for Immigration for Titulia.
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  • Titulia-The Transnational Nation

    Titulia is a translational nation. Meaning it is a nation that exists online. People wonder on to Titulia thinking it is a ordinary political forum. But soon realise that it is fun place to hang out. Start their own business. Buy land in the Titulian capital. And even run for president. Titulia is an ever growing nation. We require that you come over and emigrate and help us start up this developing utopia. The economic, political and social systems are constantly being reformed, by democratically elected presidents, his cabinet and proposals voted in directly by its citizens. There is a outlets of media outlets, entertainment facilities, churches, banks and even schools. Politically it is mostly dominated by Republicans and Libertarians. However the Lindardists, a party based on legalising marijuana is the most organised. Socialists typically do not last too long. The Conservatives, Common Wealth party and the Whigs come and go. There is also an anti-political parties party, the United Independents. Titulia is always interested in political new comers to shake things up. Don’t wait. Join Titulia today!

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