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6 Strange Things You'll See Only In France

France is all about the romance, charm and phenomenal cheese and wine. But sometimes you'll find yourself staring at something in complete awe. Here are 5 strangely awesome things you'll see only in France.

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2. Baguettes in a vending machine / Via

In the U.S., we have vending machines but nothing like this. When the boulangerie has closed up shop for the day or you don't want to brave the line, just walk on up to the baguette vending machine for your daily carb fix and prepare to be amazed.

3. Quick farm-fresh milk in a machine / Via

Once you've picked up your baguette, head over to the 24-hour milk machine for a bottle of creamy deliciousness any time of day or night. Sure beats the stuff in the supermarket!

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