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7 Things To Do On A Bye Week

Even though there isn't a home football game this week, there are a hundred other things you could do on campus. Here are seven to try this weekend.

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1. Plan the Perfect Picnic

With winter creeping in and the 70 degree days of sun dashing away, take advantage of the weather and have a picnic on the Walker-Adams mall!

Don’t have a basket (or groceries for that matter)? Grab a Lunchable from Xcetera and reminisce over a Capri Sun.

2. Learn How to Do Laundry

Been living off the plethora of free t-shirts you’ve received on campus? Scoop up that crimson and cream chaos at the bottom of your closet, march down to the nearest laundry room and Google how to launder clothes.

Pro-tip: Don’t put your crimson with your cream.

3. Nap On the South Oval

If the three hours of sleep you got last night after chugging a Red Bull and binge watching House of Cards didn’t suffice, spend your afternoon lounging on the South Oval.

Provided the squirrels are no longer using you as target practice for acorn throwing and the ever-present stray frisbee doesn’t glide your way, you should have some peaceful shut-eye.

4. Study for Midterms

Maybe your first two sets of midterms didn’t go quite as planned. Turn procrastination into preparation and tear that shrink wrap off of your unused books.

If you feel the need to Instagram a cup of coffee before you start your study sprint, The Bookmark serves drinks conveniently next to the Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center. So #GetBizzy.

5. Explore and Go Geocaching

Feeling adventurous? Download the Geocaching app and spend your evening searching for these hidden treasures. There are more than 10 caches located conveniently near campus.

The best part? It’s free.

6. Stargaze in the Stadium

If you’re looking for a place to find the fault in your stars, look no further than the stadium. The stadium seats are open and they make for a wonderful place to stargaze.

Once again, do not step on the field. If you step on the field, the fault will never be in the stars. It will be in you.

7. Chow Down at Crossroads

With banana splits, burgers and breakfast served at all hours of the night, you can’t give up the opport-union-ty to have strawberry pancakes at 3 a.m.

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