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10 Questions We Ask Ourselves When We Need To Visit A Doctor

We all know finding a doctor is pretty darn terrible. But, you're in luck! Oscar Health makes finding a doctor considerably less awful and even easy!

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1. Do I really need to go to the doctor?


cough. I'm not sick. sniff. I feel fine. barf. I'm doing great.

2. Why did I self-diagnose on WebMD?

3. Why is the next available appointment July 5, 2057?

4. Where is their office?

Off the G train? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

5. Will my insurance cover this?

6. Will they have my favorite magazine in the waiting room?


7. Do I have PPO?


Or PTO? Is PTO a thing?

8. Why do I keep getting that "THIS IS NOT A BILL" thing?

9. Can I just call my cousin?


Or do I need one of those "medical school" doctors?

10. Will I get a lollipop?

Say "Hi" to Oscar.

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