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    • Ortizclan

      These narrow minded, self righteous b’s are providing much needed and welcome services for myriad individuals defending our great country. The problem we are encountering is one group having its cake and eating it to. It is a typical fare for those that want to force their beliefs on others without regard to their personal and religious belief. This country is still overwhelmingly opposed to homosexuality at the individual level for the same reasons throughout our world history. Both go to our biological and theological roots. Interestingly enough both also go to our existence and deep beliefs in God Almighty. The term our way or the highway is the staple for those that would force the rest of us to accept their way of living or be called racist, discriminatory, unjust, unfair and the list goes on. At the end of the day many in the homosexual community will get their way through the courts but the great majority of the world will still be heterosexual and will neither embrace nor accept a deviant behavior that ultimately discriminates against the children in those relationships. I would not want to reflect on how I would have been different without my mother or father in the mix. I was very fortunate to have both my mother and father provide me with their unique and gender perspectives. I will finish by saying that I am not a homophobe and have a couple of second cousins that are gay. They know exactly where we stand with regards to their sexual relationships, do not think we accept the behavior or the lifestyle as normal. It isn’t. Yes you may think they are but the simple facts of the matter do not give way to the notion of deviant choices as being as fruitful as the heterosexual relationship. We heterosexuals can pro-create and provide that most important pillar of our world, a woman and man’s perspective for the children that will become our future leaders. I wonder how long it will be before polygamy becomes the next big thing now that homosexuality is being forced down our throats as somehow equal to traditional marriage. Hell, I would actually accept polygamy much quicker as long as it has at its’ core pro-creation and at least one male and one female perspective. Whether that mean one mother and many fathers or vice versa. The children will experience the balance and harmony of both perspectives and be better off for it. Yeah go ahead and get the same judicial rights as we heterosexual with regards to marriage and all that it entails but understand that it will never be in the same level as the heterosexual marriage for the reasons enumerated earlier. Like the President of Uganda states, “homosexuality is disgusting” because it wants to make us believe that deviant behavior is normal and should be embraced and accepted as normal. It will never be that. Biology and theology clearly provide the road map to the betterment and existence of our species. Homosexuality provides neither. It is the dead end.

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