Its A White People Thing…

Things that only white people do.

1. They are the oringal Nazis. Grammer Nazis that is, they love to correct immigrants grammer and speech

2. They love Cards for every occasions

3. They go crazy and run to the streets when they see Santa by a fire truck

4. They don’t know that you can wash dish by hand, god forbid that the dishwasher is broken or being used…

5. They only like to use “monogrammed paper towels”

6. I dont even know what monogrammed means… Its a white people word.

7. They don’t know what a mop is

8. They know how to swiffer

9. They line up for hours ahead of the 3rd day of a dance show at a high school

10. They can’t function without these two things in the lives

11. God forbid they have to use store brand ketchup, Its a sin if its not Heinz…

12. They take pride in keeping a race of people employed

13. They think its fun to get on ice and beat each other with sticks

14. The like big black man that just say SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER

15. They like it so much the make looping videos of it…

16. They also have a candy version

17. They like new cars, but don’t see a need to clean them

18. Its like they just discovered Frozen yogurt.

19. White people like Diversity

20. But alarms go off if this guy moves into the neghberhood.

21. They get depressed if they dont travel somewhere every 6 months

22. And when they do, they like to travel on cruises

23. They like to Zumba

25. Seriously I googled black people at wineries and this image comes up… need I say more?

26. Being an expert on YOUR culture

27. Arrested Devolpment, as much as I love the show this is a white person thing. Find me a Black or Hispanic that knows what this is.

28. Renovations - They love to spend their money fixing perfectly good things.

29. Friends is more important to them than religion is

30. All they like to do on weekends is watch 90’s sitcoms

31. Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy

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