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    • orion1836

      I respectfully disagree.
      1 - I have seen/read about many white victims of poor law enforcement practices.
      2 - The targets of bad taste are not limited to one race. Case in point: Prince Harry’s Nazi costume.
      3 - I would like to see “systemic racism” proven with data showing statistical significance. Given the effects of affirmative action over decades of application, the collegiate system alone should be free of this.
      4 - I have personally never been surprised by anyone being articulate. The poor upbringing of some individuals does not create a “privilege.”
      5 - I’d be willing to bet a similar statistic could be drawn up based on income alone and apply just as equally to any other race.
      6 - Replace Justin with a white, similarly-dressed, heavily muscled and tattooed skinhead with multiple piercings. How would YOU describe that man? Race isn’t the only thing that affects perception.
      7 - That is a function of being a minority. The same could apply to any Jew who happens to be the only one in the room. If you were white (or any other race other than Japanese) and living in Japan… guess what would happen?
      8 - A function of Affirmative Action, not racism.
      9 - Any psychologist worth their salt will tell you that we are predisposed to like people who are similar to us. It’s part of the hard-wired tribal mindset that has been part of humanity for… forever. This extends to pretty much everything about an individual such as background, education, political views, etc. Bottom line - the more similar you are to the person interviewing you, the better your chances of getting hired.
      10 - See #6
      11 - Unless you’re part of the many white supremacist groups who have been labeled domestic terrorists. Go to Oklahoma City, stand in front of the federal building and try making the claim that white people aren’t terrorists.
      12 - We live in a world where such stereotypes, when used, receive venomous backlash and general disdain. Your statement is invalid. Furthermore, in your specific example, the first image is a propaganda poster about GERMANY (a notoriously non-black country), and the second was an example of poor taste receiving a firestorm of criticism (and it was probably meant as a King Kong reference in the first place).
      13 - IMO, cultural appropriation promotes understanding and tolerance. It may not be respectful, but it’s a FAR better than the cross-cultural fear, mistrust, and hatred that have driven conflict for, let’s see… all of human history and continue to do so.
      14 - I strongly disagree with stop and frisk as a whole, but again… refer to #6 above. What are the odds that individual would be frisked?
      15 - I’ve never heard this phrase used, and wouldn’t agree with it if I did. I don’t think this is a widely held belief.
      16 - That is a function of who came first, or who is more notable in the public eye.
      17 - I have been white in a US border town, and was EXTREMELY aware of my color. The same can be said of ANY foreigner in Japan.

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