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    10 Epidemics Waiting to Happen (That You Won’t Enjoy)

    Who loves a good epidemic? Not…not anyone. Like the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown, only kind of more disgusting. Mira Grant, author of Parasite, Symbiont, and the bestselling Newsflesh trilogy, presents the Top 10 Future Epidemic Countdown! Remember, good hygiene and vaccination can protect you from many potential illnesses, as can adherence to basic quarantine procedures. Don’t panic, plan. And don’t use an outbreak as an excuse to be an asshole.

    #10: Nipah fever.

    #9: The Black Death.

    #8: Hendra virus.

    #7: Rabies.

    #6: Devil facial tumor disease.

    #5: Yellow Fever.

    #4: Polio.

    #3: The flu.

    #2: Smallpox.

    #1: Something genuienly new.