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    Interview With Adam Rupp - Beat Boxer For NBC's The Sing-off Champs, Home Free

    The master beat boxer tells us about the show, life on the road, and never singing a word!

    NBC's a capella contest show, The Sing-off, just finished up its latest season. Home Free took home the trophy! Touted as the first Country music a capella group, I sit down with the man who keeps the beat.

    So, you're on stage for the finale, what's going through your mind as Nick is about to announce the winner?

    "Let's get this over with!" *laughs* Many things go through your head. It's to the point where you're not even aware anymore of where you are or what you're doing.

    A lot of the reality singing shows have judges who can get really mean. Did you go in expecting to deal with harsh critics and surprised when all the judges were nice?

    Not at all. We knew this was a different kind of show. As for the judges, they really do care about the contestants, the show, and a cappella in general. None of them have the "don't waste our time" attitude or "let's make fun of the contestant" attitude. As it's said many times during the show, just making it on there is a great accomplishment. They actually cut out a lot of the judges remarks to make the episodes short enough for television.

    That Caddyshack bit was one of the funniest things I've seen. Whose idea was it to make Rob the gopher?

    We all had the same thought as soon as we knew we were performing that song!

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    I'm sure you know Pentatonix, is there anything you guys learned from their run on the show and fame afterwards?

    It's all about finding moments in the arrangements and making the most of them.

    Speaking of which, I know your brother, Chris, used to do a lot of your unique arrangements. Is that still the case?

    Tim and Chris usually lay down a template and then we all make the arrangement real once we start working through it. Each of us brings ideas to the table during that process and that's when they take shape. It's also great to get outside musical opinions from other arrangers as we put a song together.

    And do you call yourself a vocal percussionist or a beat boxer?

    Vocal percussion is a blanket term for anything percussive that is made with the voice. Beat boxing is a type of vocal percussion. Because I do sounds that come from DJ'ing, synthesizers, etc. - more than just imitating a trap set - I call myself a beat boxer.

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    Adam beat boxing!

    Do you ever sing a single word?

    I do. I do a mean Gangnam Style!

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    Check out the 7:30 mark in this fan-recorded video!

    Some call you the first Country a capella group. What made you go for that style of music?

    Tim and Austin's southern drawl! They both have great Country roots.

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    Home Free performs their version of Johnny Cash's, Ring of Fire

    I hear numerous requests for dating info on the group. Are any of you taken?

    Well, I'm married, but Rob is also taken!

    And do Tim, Chris, and Austin get a lot of romantic requests?

    We all get requests, some more than others, but it's flattering!

    You guys travel a lot, all over the country on the road and your own cruise ship voyage. What's life like living out of a suitcase?

    It makes you appreciate home all the more. We kind of live opposite lives. When we go home it's our vacation time and when we head out on the road or a cruise it's vacation time, I mean, work time...yeah, work time. But seriously, we do work all the time and being home is very appreciated because while we're working we can at least have our privacy and home comfort.

    Most siblings might go crazy, working and traveling together all the time. How do you and Chris deal with it?

    One, focusing on work and the betterment of the group. And two, take most opportunities to get away from each other. That kind of goes for the group though, too, because of the constant contact with each other.

    Besides you and your brother, your sister is also very musically-inclined as a singer and actress. To what do you attribute this amazing family musical talent?

    Our mother is a musical savant and has always been very supportive and encouraging of our endeavors.

    You and Chris are the two founding members who stayed with Home Free. How did you find Tim, Rob, and Austin to make the group whole?

    We saw Rob performing with another group five years ago. That group broke up and we asked him to join. We met Tim through various networking four years ago. Austin was a featured singer on a cruise ship where we were also performing, so that's how we hooked up.

    I know you as a lover of video games. Do you still find time to play and what do you like?

    I try, but I'm really behind on games! Anything that is top quality, like Skyrim or Dragon Age.

    Anything you'd like to say to your fans as we head into 2014?

    Thanks so much for the support and keep in touch!

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