22 Reasons To Enjoy The 22nd Birthday Of "Terminator 2"

Judgment Day turns the big 2-2 on July…3rd. It’s quite possibly the greatest action movie of all time.

1. 1) Bro Love

Just a boy and his robot.

2. 2) The Best of Linda Hamilton

“MOM! Your career is pretty much over, after this!”

3. 3) Milk, it Does a Body Good!

4. 4) Teamwork

Arnold and Linda need guns…
The mayor of Eureka (Joe Morton) needs only his fist.

5. 5) Awesome Special Effects

“What? Do…do you think it’s noticeable? “

“Hey, wha’ happen?”

“Is it cold in here, or is it just my shattered arm?”

8. 6) Build Your Own Terminator Out of Legos!

Megabloks suck!

9. 7) Fuck You, You Little Dipshit!”

10. 8) Super Powers

John Connor shows the Terminator how to levitate a knife using only his mental powers.

11. 9) Eddie Furlong’s Teenage Angst

13. 10) The Doctor Gets His Ass Kicked

Come on, just pump him full of that blue shit! Make him a smurf or dead or whatever.

14. 11) Skin is for Sucks!


15. 12) James Cameron…Before He Turned Everyone Blue

“So, now I say ‘I’ll be back?’ again?”

16. 13) Play Some T2 Games

Like this boring-looking board game.

Or the original NES game.

18. 14) Copying Innocent Weirdos

Get a few thousand of your own Poker Coffee Cups and try your luck.

19. 15) Um…Weird Shit!

Are we sure he should be working at the mental hospital?

20. 16) Big Guns

“Say hello to my little friend!”

21. 17) Nikki Cox

Little Nikki has a brief appearance trying to pick up a cop before she heads to Las Vegas.

22. 18) Sight Gags


23. 19) Awkward Encounters

“I shall now eat this baby to power my fuel reserves.”

Can you believe no one has picked up this mint condition high-five card?!

25. 20) Idiot Civilians

“Are those bullets? I love bullets!”

26. 21) Nuking Little Kids

Did something bad happen or is this just how L.A. looks all the time?

27. 22) The Governator

“You’re the new house keeper? Welcome. I’ll be on your back — I mean, I’ll be back. I say that to everybody.”

Quick, go watch the greatest action flick of all time…before Arnold ruins it, again.

Happy 22, T2!

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