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Here's How To Take Selfies Like A Celebrity

Fame. Flash. Boom. Wow. Coupled with Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection toothpaste, get some pics with plenty of pow!

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1. Figure out which is your best side


This sounds corny, but your face isn't symmetrical, and one side is going to be the pretty sister. Ask a friend, or selfie, selfie, selfie until you find it.

5. Look engaged, not dead behind the eyes.

Imagesbazaar / Getty Images

The above tip is just the start. You want to be looking out at whoever is looking at this photo. So aim your smile and pose at the photo-taker. Make eye contact with them as they snap. Don't stare off in to the distance.

6. Your face look bored? Think about something you love.


Actually, maybe not pizza – unless you want a Homer Simpson-esque drool trail. If you want a sexy smile, think about the best kiss you've ever had. Trust us on this one.

7. If you're paranoid about your round face, turn your head at an angle.

Hero Images / Getty Images

The light will bounce off your cheekbones. DON'T do a profile pose if you're worried about a double chin.

9. RARELY shoot from below.

DAJ / Thinkstock

Because, you might look like a scary giant. Instead, get the photographer to be slightly above you so that you're looking up at the camera.

12. Practise. Seriously.

Jason Sweeten / BuzzFeed

Humans aren't born knowing how to look natural in front of a camera. They're made. They've practised. And they've hit that 10,000 hours mark.

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