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An Australian Safety Ad About Poo

The Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) has taken a different approach to flood water safety with a series of ads about poo. The shit-talking ads are currently running as pre-rollers during FloodSafety Week.

optimiserprime 6 years ago

Put An End To Puppy Factories

For most puppies, every day is a holiday! But sadly, some dogs are confined in cruel puppy factories and are forced to breed litter after litter. You can help us give dogs something to celebrate these holidays by helping break the cycle of misery these dogs face daily. If you are looking for a new best friend, make sure you don't inadvertently support the puppy factory industry. Please share our video with your friends and family, and help us close puppy factories.

optimiserprime 7 years ago

Our Heartland

Our Heartland,' the 2013 Western Bulldogs Membership video, unapologetically celebrates the story of the Club's strong connection to the people and places' of Melbourne's west. Featuring Mitch Wallis. Soundtrack: Diafrix - Running It.

optimiserprime 7 years ago