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16 Signs You Were An English Major

Reading? For fun? Yeah.

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1. Your book collection makes you happy.

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2. You have to read the book before you see the movie.

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3. You idolize great authors.

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4. Bad grammar frustrates you.

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5. Most of your favorite films are Shakespeare adaptations.

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6. You get upset when people interrupt you while you’re reading.

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7. You’ve had several crushes on fictional characters.

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8. Your pre-med friends totally don’t get you.

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9. When someone asks for help with editing a paper, you proudly step to the plate.

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10. One time you took a math class, and you were like:

11. ...and the professor was like:

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12. Your library card is one of your best friends.

FOX / Via
Fox / Via

13. You've gotten into fights with friends over which literary characters are better.

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14. When you name-drop authors, your non-English major friends get lost.

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15. You sort of get star-struck when you meet your favorite authors.

16. And you’re still waiting on your Hogwarts acceptance letter.

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