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    16 Signs You Were An English Major

    Reading? For fun? Yeah.

    1. Your book collection makes you happy.

    2. You have to read the book before you see the movie.

    3. You idolize great authors.

    4. Bad grammar frustrates you.

    5. Most of your favorite films are Shakespeare adaptations.

    6. You get upset when people interrupt you while you’re reading.

    7. You’ve had several crushes on fictional characters.

    8. Your pre-med friends totally don’t get you.

    9. When someone asks for help with editing a paper, you proudly step to the plate.

    10. One time you took a math class, and you were like:

    11. ...and the professor was like:

    12. Your library card is one of your best friends.

    13. You've gotten into fights with friends over which literary characters are better.

    14. When you name-drop authors, your non-English major friends get lost.

    15. You sort of get star-struck when you meet your favorite authors.

    16. And you’re still waiting on your Hogwarts acceptance letter.