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The Best Of Whitley Gilbert & Dwayne Wayne

'A Different World' is such classic black television show (that you can watch in it's entirety on Netflix). We had to bring you the best of the best of the Hillman Merger known as Whitley Gilbert and Dwayne Wayne

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3. When Whitley Met Kinu

Whitley returned after a long summer of not responding to Dwayne's passionate love letters (they corresponded), expecting to be embraced and was met by Dwayne's new girlfriend, Kinu

5. When Dwayne Told Whitley It's Okay to Wait

Whitley thought she was ready to lost her virginity to Dwayne, but after a student at Hillman came forward about her AIDS diagnosis, Whitley had second thoughts

10. When Dwayne Cheated on Kinu (Kinda)


Dwayne and Whitley were studying for an academic bowl when they began to get frisky and shared a kiss. Dwayne quickly ended it, but here is where we knew these two were destined to be together

13. When Dwayne and Whitley Cuddle in the Snow


After Dwayne is heartbroken after finding out Denise is married, and Whitley is crushed by her daddy's wedding, the two comfort each other in Whitley's broken down vehicle in the dead of winter.

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