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    10 Reasons Why Whole Foods Market Is Everything

    Walking into Whole Foods is the adult equivalent of going to Toys R Us as a child. A place where you may just want to hand the cashier your wallet and say "Here, take all my money", but the reality is you can't. But here are 10 reasons why you may be tempted to spend absurd amounts in this speciality store.

    1. The Dessert Case

    Okay, so it may seem counterintuitive to put dessert as the first reason why a place that sells natural and organic foods is amazing, but ... you see the picture. Is it not the most delicious thing you've ever seen?

    2. The Fresh Produce Section

    The plethora of organic and exotic fruit just BEGS you take up fresh fruit smoothies with spinach for breakfast. And you've been wanting to try the infused waters you've seen on Pinterest so why not buy all the fruit and veggies your heart desires?

    3. The Coffee & Kombucha Bar

    Serving only the freshest coffee beans, the freshest juices, perfect smoothies, and delicious cups of the fermented sweetened black tea (kombucha). While not all locations serve the various beverage options, this section of Whole Foods quickly may become a part of your morning routine (Starbucks who?).

    4. The Hot Food Bar

    From delicious and flavorful entree options to the soul warming soups, the hot bar at Whole Foods is an awesome choice for a quick and wholesome lunch or dinner. This beats a drive-thru meal any day and you won't feel guilty about it!

    5. The Gluten Free Options

    For those who are on a gluten free diet due to allergy or lifestyle choice, Whole Foods is the place for you! With an expansive variety of gluten free options that will leave you satisfied and won't break the bank, this place is a dream come true for gluten free eaters.

    6. The Wine Selection

    The rows upon rows of select wines will tickle any connoisseur's fancy. Some locations even offer wine tasting nights! Perf!

    7. The Meat Case

    Whole Foods prides itself on serving hormone-free, locally raised meats and seafood to its customers. Plus, the mouth watering displays of premium and fresh cuts speak for themselves.

    8. The Cheeses

    Promised to be the most pure and fresh cheeses you could find (no artificial growth hormones), the wide array of cheeses will go perfectly with the local wine and fresh meat!

    9. The Cleaning Products

    For those looking to go green in areas of their life other than food, the cleaning supplies at Whole Foods offers products free of harsh chemicals.

    10. The Community Investment

    Their commitment to supporting local products and suppliers, this program has provided $25 million in low-interest loans to independent local farmers. The idea is to help the small-producers who Whole Foods purchases from be able to sustain and maintain their business.

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