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    9 Simple Couples Costumes For You And Your Pet

    So maybe you're single, third-wheeling it, or just plain friendless. No worries - you can still get in on the whole couples costume thing by teaming up with your dog or cat.

    1. Dorothy and Toto

    How to look the part:

    You: blue and white dress, pigtails, red shoes

    Your pet: a basket

    Or feel free to switch it up...

    2. Steve and Blue

    How to look the part:

    You: unfortunate looking striped green polo, khakis, and a handy-dandy notebook

    Your Pet: the costume, or just make some blue spots out of felt

    3. Shaggy and Scooby Doo

    How to look the part:

    You: green v-neck, brown pants, creepy goatee

    Your Pet: costume, or SD collar, and ability to say Rooby Rooby Roo

    4. Charlie Brown and Snoopy

    How to look the part:

    You: yellow shirt with black zig zag, consistent sighing

    Your pet: the costume, red collar, or DIY with black ears and a spot made from felt

    5. Alice and The Cheshire Cat

    How to look the part:

    You: same dress as Dorothy, white tights, black hair bow

    Your pet: pink and purple stripes will get the point across

    Again, switch roles if you like

    6. Woody and Slinky

    How to look the part:

    You: yellow shirt, vest, neck bandana, cowboy hat, revolver -JK

    Your pet: wiener dog, wire? pipe cleaners? idk you'll figure out

    or this variation:

    7. Shrek and Puss in Boots

    How to look the part:

    You: flannel pajama pants, tunic, cropped vest, boots, green body paint

    Your pet: a little hat with a feather and a Spanish accent

    8. Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and/or 2

    How to look the part:

    You: thing 1 or 2 shirt, can be purchased at a kiosk in a mall near you, blue hair

    Your pet: a cat, red and white striped hat - BOOM DONE$mediumlarge$ / Via

    9. Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth

    How to look the part:

    You: shave your head, wear grey, and put your pinky to the corner of your mouth

    Your pet: shave your cat

    Even if you end up surrounded by people who think they're America's favorite couple in their matching costumes, just remember that no one looks cuter than you and your pet :)

    besides maybe a baby dressed as a pumpkin.

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