A Cube That Captures Colors

Attention color lovers: There is now a cube that can accurately detect the color of any surface and save it to your phone or computer.

1. This is the SwatchMate Cube.

2. Kind of looks like an Apple power adapter.

3. But there’s much more to this Cube.

4. The SwatchMate Cube is a portable device that scans surfaces and records the color information.

6. But how you may ask?

A sphere inside the cube contains a light source and a color sensor. When scanning a surface, the light comes on, bounces off the surface, and is redirected back into the sphere toward the color sensor.

7. That information is then recorded to your smart phone.

8. Or straight to Photoshop.

9. You can still pledge to their Kickstarter here.

Only until December 20th though!

10. Pretty awesome right?

11. For more awesomeness, check out this video:

12. One can only hope that the SwatchMate Cube will be available for Christmas next year!

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