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    19 Things All Animal Lovers Can Relate To

    “You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” – Paul McCartney

    1. You love all animals, and not just the adorable fluffy ones.

    2. You avoid all movies you suspect an animal will die in.

    3. Otherwise you'll cry so hard that you have to leave the theater.

    4. Chances are you're a vegetarian or vegan.

    5. You've whispered something along the lines of "RIP little guy" while passing roadkill.

    6. "What's your favorite animal?" is one of the hardest questions you've ever had to answer.

    7. You could watch Animal Planet all day, every day.

    8. You prefer to ignore the food chain and instead choose to believe all animals are friends.

    9. You retweet @CuteEmergency like it's your job.

    10. That Sarah McLachlan commercial has you in tears. Every. Single. Time.

    11. You could never date someone that didn't also love animals.

    12. Hunters are your archnemeses.

    13. Your favorite trips are the ones you spend volunteering with animals.

    14. You wish your family was as cool as the Thornberrys.

    15. Sometimes you go to PetSmart just to walk around and look at all the critters.

    16. Half of your t-shirt collection consists of graphic tees with animals on them.

    17. If given the choice of a super power, no doubt you'd choose the ability to talk to animals.

    18. Despite your lack of this superpower, you say hi to every animal anyway.

    19. Animals will forever bring you joy and you'd choose them over people any day.