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    16 Sims That Are Having A Worse Day Than You

    Even Sims ride the struggle bus sometimes.

    1. This Sim whose upper body just disappeared one day.

    2. This Sim professing his love in the middle of a snow storm, wearing nothing but a towel.

    3. This Sim who certainly won't be winning Mom of the Year.

    4. This Sim who came home to discover a school bus on his front porch.

    5. This Sim who is in for a rude awakening.

    6. This heartbroken hotdog Sim who is probably sweating to death.

    7. This Sim who picked a bad time to realize he chose the wrong career.

    8. This Sim at the center of some strange male mating ritual.

    9. This lady Sim who is probably having some serious regrets about last night.

    10. This Sim running for her life after an encounter with Pennywise's long lost sister.

    11. This Sim who just literally cannot.

    12. This Sim who is definitely dead.

    13. This Sim whose Christmas tree caught on fire :(

    14. This Sim who had a really rough day at the salon.

    15. This Sim who can't even get some privacy in his own bathroom.

    16. And this Sim, because whatever this is it doesn't look good.