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15 Struggles Of Being A Sloppy Eater

This is why we can't have nice meals.

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1. You always have food stuck in your teeth.

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Hopefully you're with a friend that's kind enough to tell you.

2. You lean over your bowl of soup for a bite and proceed to dip your hair in it.

Probably why you're supposed to bring the soup to your mouth.

Probably why you're supposed to bring the soup to your mouth.

3. You put burning hot food in your mouth so you either panic until it's cool enough to swallow...

4. ...or you discreetly spit it out into your napkin.

DreamWorks Animation / Via

Or maybe right back on to your plate.

5. Whether you twirl your spaghetti or not, you're destined for sauce staining around the mouth.

Baby wipe ASAP.
Photo Credit: Photos by Lina via Compfight cc

Baby wipe ASAP.

6. Speaking of stains, you've spilled just about everything on yourself.

I think we can all agree that grease/butter stains are the worst...

Followed by coffee or tea...

Followed by red wine.

7. Other problem foods for you include:


Seeded bagels.


NBC / Via


Warner Bros. / Via

8. Sometimes you miss your mouth for no apparent reason.

NBC / Via

9. Both with liquids and solids.

10. Wearing white pants is a risk you're not willing to take.

FOX / Via

11. You get crumbs everywhere.

ABC / Via

12. Occasionally you find crumbs/whole potato chips in your hair...

Disney / Via

13. Or your beard.

14. In terms of napkins, 1-3 is never enough.

BBC / Via

15. Honestly, you may be better off eating like this:

Disney / Via

Since it looks like you did anyway.

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